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my dog wont eat, shaking very badly, and breathing very irregulary.

Resolved Question:

my dog wont eat, shaking very badly, and breathing very irregulary. Couple days ago sounds like coughing up a hair ball or something
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  FamilyPetDoctor replied 7 years ago.



Does your dog have a heart murmur?


Is your dog possibly painful? Especially in the back?



Has he been around other dogs lately?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He does not have a heart murmur to my knowledge.

He doesn't seem to be painful but he does have a twitching in his back left hip

And he has only been around the same two dogs that he has grown up with since he was born
Expert:  FamilyPetDoctor replied 7 years ago.



It's hard to determine what's going on without a thorough physical exam....... If this behavior persists tomorrow, I would highly recommend a vet visit.


A few thoughts...


1. Your dog may have pneumonia. It can cause a fever and the clinical signs that you are describing.




2. Your dog may be painful. Often they will pant or breathe heavier than usual if they hurt somewhere.....ANd they may also stop eating.... Maybe he has an issue with his back hip since that is twitching.


Tonight, you can try some aspirin-- either one baby aspirin or 1/4 of an adult aspirin every 12 hours.


Obviously if this is a pneumonia then your dog may need antibiotics which your vet could prescribe.


I hope that this helps you decide what to do tonight..... If you are really concerned, you could take him to a vet tonight. It may give you peace of mind.


Dr C

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