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Why would my cat vomit a green liquid, sort of foamy He isnt

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Why would my cat vomit a green liquid, sort of foamy? He isnt even keeping water down.

I am sorry that your cat is so sick. There are several causes for vomiting green liquid including GI infection, GI bacterial overgrowth, parasites, kidney disease (rare at this young age), food allergies, toxins, GI foreign body/obstruction, etc. If you can think of any toxins he might have gotten into, like antifreeze, rat poison, prescription meds or plants then I would take him to your vet now.

Otherwise, I would monitor him very closely and keep him inside. Watch his gums to be sure they are pink and moist. If they are ever pale or gray, then that is an emergency. Also, if he vomits much more than a few more times tonight, then I would also consider that an emergency.

I wouldn't feed him any dinner tonight, to try and rest his GI tract. Tomorrow morning, try to feed him a bland diet like cooked chicken or fish and rice. You can also try to give him 1/4 tablet Pepcid AC to decrease any stomach acid he might be having- just be sure to follow this by syringing water in his mouth (a turkey baster also works well!). If he continues to vomit tomorrow, then I would take him to your vet for an exam +/- xrays and bloodwork.

I hope this helps and that your cat feels better soon!
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