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Can dogs get hairballs like cats

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Can dogs get hairballs like cats?
Hi thereCustomer Let me see if I can help you out.

Technically, yes, dogs can have get hairballs. They dont tend to have the problem like cats do because they don't groom themselves the way cats do. Cats get hairballs because they lick and clean their bodies routinely and so ingest a lot of hair in the process. Dogs typically do not do this. So what you need to find out is where and why is she ingesting so much hair?

Is she licking herself a lot? If this is the case, she have allergy issues that are making her itchy.

Is she eating/licking hair off of something else? another pet? her dog bed? If this is the case, clean or eliminate this issue. Give her something else to do.

If she continues to vomit despite investigating these things, she needs to see a vet to find out the the cause.

I hope this has been helpful.

Dr. Melissa
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dr. Melissa,

Yes, she does sometimes lick her fur. And she doesn't like knots so she tends to chew them off! I keep her very short for this reason (she's got a bichon coat that gets easily matted), but in January I'm afraid she'll be too cold if I cut her short. I asked about hairballs because these were the very same symptoms my cat had years ago.

Is there anything I could feed her to help her pass any hair in her stomach? ( the cat has a tube of laxatone that made a big difference for her).

You can use the laxatone for the dog as well. Similar dose to the cat dose since your dog is smaller.

Otherwise....I dont believe there is a diet that is better for dogs having this issue..sensitive stomach might be the best....again, the other thing I would worry about would be allergies as a potential underlying issue.

Dr. Melissa
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Funny you should mention allergies! She had her first set of big girl shots and had a major allergic reaction - spent the weekend with the emergency vet on doggie benedryl and iv fluids. I've been afraid to let her have any shots since! I frequently check her skin for signs of hives, sores, excessive scratching etc. just because I worry about allergies. Wish she could just talk! Could her previous food have caused an itchy allergic reaction? (Iams) Anything else I can do for her? Thank you so much for your help
Its not the brand of food usually, but the protein source. so, yes, her previous food could have been an issue. Usually food allergy dogs are itchy (some VERY VERY itchy) and have vomiting issues. Again...if it continues, the best thing is to see a vet and they can help you do a food elimination diet investigate this as a potential problem

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