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Can dogs and cats get the flu?

Resolved Question:

Can dogs and cats get the flu?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr John replied 7 years ago.
Dogs and cats have their own health issues...let's hope this is not one of them. There is a new (past 5 yr or so) dog flu/influenza but this is not in cats...that virus thought to have mutated from horses to dogs. though the H1N1 is now reportedly found in pigs there is NO evidence of mutation to permit infection of dogs and cats. avian influenza had reportedly converted to permit cats to be infected.

In General summary...never say never...but please it is so unlikely and rare if it were ever to occur that you should not worry...especially rare would be a virus that mutated and permitted both dog and cat infection in the same home. Dogs and cats have their own viruss and IF they have a viral infection causing the signs you describe it is more likely that it came in the house on your hands, clothes or shoes. Wash your hands before and after petting your animals and especially if you been elsewhere and handled others animals.

hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So what causes cats to throw up besided hairballs. I just this summer inherited my fathinlaws cat she's hacked up hairballs all summer...this morning my cat threw up and then later my dog threw up????? What should I do???
Expert:  Dr John replied 7 years ago.
The 'what makes a cat vomit' question is an entire veterinary specialty and I'm not kidding...alot of things...worms, viral, stress, food allergies any number of things can cause it and to really sort it out takes a logical plan to set chip away at a list of possibilities.

as far as your animals I wouldn't rule out a viral infection ...a bug, but again likely NOT the same for both of them and not the same as a 'bug' that you or some other member of family might have or just had...

What to do? 1- make sure the cat dog stays cubes in the water dish (gulping water can make some animals vomit or get sicker), syringe or eye-dropper for cats works great...pedialyte or just plain water. PULL the food up for up to 24 hours in a dog, maybe 12-18 hours in a cat (I don't like cats to go very long without eating especially when they are heavy ones).

Pepcid OTC is a good acid blocker safe for use in dogs and cats just not used indefinitely without a diagnosis. Cats can have up to 2.5 mg once a day. Dogs ok to give about 2.5 mg/ 10-15 lbs of dog.

If vomiting continues more then just today then get professional help and have them examined.

hope this helps.
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