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My cat is bleeding heavily from her bottom. Blood is left whereever

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My cat is bleeding heavily from her bottom. Blood is left whereever she sits and you can see wet blood all on her bottom all the time. There is a foul oder where ever she has been and the odor is on her. I am a nurse and if these same symptoms were in a person I would know it was cancer. Is that true for cats

Hi there and thanks for allowing me to try to help!

Can you tell me if this bleeding is coming from her anus?

How old is she? Spayed?

How long have you seen this?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am not sure - it is so much and she won't be still. If i try to pick her up she growls. she is sprayed and was a rescue so we are not sure of age but close quess is around 11 or 12 yrs old. This started 3 or 4 days ago with occasional blood being left where she sat.She was going to the litterbox more but was not urinating. I am not seeing her go to the box as often now. She has never gone any where but in her box but yesterday I found where she had urinated on a plastic bag in the room where she is staying and it was a large puddle that was a dark tea color.The last 36 hours bleeding has gotten worse. Now it is all the time and every where even in her fur on her backend. As mentioned before, I am a R.N. and from working in hospitals I know that cancer patients have a certain smell about them and I am smelling a similar odor from the blood and on her.
Thanks for the info.

At first , I thought she just had a urinary tract infection. Now, from all you have told me, this appears to be something much more serious. This constant bleeding tells me that she has a mass somewhere that has eroded into a blood vessel and now it is constantly bleeding. I do agree that your assessment that there is a mass somewhere possibly in her intestinal tract that has ulcerated or, as I said, eroded into a vessel. This erotion is so large that it cannot clot and stop. The prognosis in my opinion, is probab;ly grave. You will need to have your vet evaluate this in peson to know for sure.

Good Luck!!
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