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Can I use allergy eye drops for dogs? Dog has red itchy eyes

Resolved Question:

My dog has allergies & has very red itchy eyes. She is a 1 year old  Jack  Russell  Terrier.
Is it ok to use eye drops in my dog's eyes? (the box says ketotifen Fumarate Opthalmic Solution - Antihistamine Eye Drops - Active ingredient Ketotifen (0.025%) (Equivalent to ketotifen fumarate 0.035%)
How much benadryl is ok to give a 15 pound dog?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Loretta replied 7 years ago.

Hi there.
Yes, it is fine to use these eye-drops. Apply them twice per day. The ingredients are good because they have a good broad spectrum antibiotic and an antihistamine.
The dose of benadryl is 1 mg per pound of your dogs weight so you would give 15 mg twice per day.
If this is an allergy, these medications will help.
Good Luck!!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The eye drops are not made for dogs, the are just over the counter eye drops. Are you absolutely certain that they are safe to use & will not cause any harm to my dog's eyes?

Expert:  Dr. Loretta replied 7 years ago.

Yes, I am certain that these drops will not hurt your dog's eyes. All over the counter eye drops for humans are also used in veterinary medicine for dogs.The medicine and ingredients are the same for humans as dogs. I often tell my clients to start with a human over the counter eye drops to start, if seeing a vet is not an option.
There is a slight chance that your dog may react negatively to the drops due to his composition as with all medications even those formulated for dogs. This would be very rare. If this would occur, just discontinue use and your dog will be fine.
Of course, seeing your vet for an exam would be the best scenario so the appropriate medication is used depending on the issue with your dog's eyes.
Good Luck!!

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