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I started my dog on a skin eze product for allergies yesterday

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I started my dog on a skin eze product for allergies yesterday and today she can;t go poop no matter how hard she t ries. Could the product be responsible and what can I do for her constipation? She is a shipoo dog around three year s old, recently adopted.
Hi Fred,

I looked up Skin Eze ingredients and it looks to contain quite a bit of fiber and the first ingredient is sorbitol which is a sugar (why add sugar to a product for allergies?). The fiber can certainly cause constipation. Also, many small breed dogs with long hair, which can cause pseudo-constipation by trapping the feces around the anus, so check for that first.

I would not use the supplement (no way to know if effective); instead make sure that your dog is on a monthly flea preventive (the most common cause of allergy in dogs is a flea allergy, even if you never see a single fleas), use an omega-3 fatty acid supplement (fish oils) such as Welactin and Benadryl at a half of an adult dose 2-3 times daily (1/2 of 25mg tablet). As in all dogs with allergies, a skin infection should first be ruled out; you may be treating the itchy skin due to allergies, but if an infection is present, it will not help unless the infection is resolved.

Please see the following link for more allergy information:

As for constipation, if there is no feces trapped around the anus, stop the supplement (even if for a few days) and give her a small amount of canned pumpkin as in Libby's pie filling (1/4 tsp) with a small meal tonight and tomorrow morning; then if she still does not poop I would then taker her to your vet to be evaluated.

Hope this helps; please let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
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