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What are some of the symptoms if a dog licks a toad My Rottweiler

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What are some of the symptoms if a dog licks a toad? My Rottweiler is 10 years old and has been 3 legged for about 4 years. She is generally active, healthy and alert. This morning when I went to feed she looked "High" drooping eyes, slow moving and looking very sad. When I came home from work about 9 hours later she was still laying down but seemed less responsive. I got her to get up from the garage and go to the water bucket. She drank a great deal of water and then I called her to the porch and brushed her. She seemed a bit limp and still droopy eyes and looked lost, but was responsive. I brought her in the house she laid down 4 feet inside the door. She has been drooling and breathing real heavy. It has been about 2 hours and I got her to drink some milk and eat. ...Definitely not like normal, She has stopped drooling and her breathing has slowed down. Is it possible she got a hold of a toad. I live in Vail, AZ and have seen these toads but I have not seen one in my yard.
The following are signs of toad toxicity. Only some of them may be present.
Mouth irritation with foamy salivation after initially licking or biting toad.
Difficulty breathing
Your dog has some of these signs, so it is possible, but it is also possible that there is something else going on that is making him sick.
At the time it happens, we recommend rinsing the mouth out thoroughly , then get them to a vet as it can be deadly within minutes. At this point, it is likely it wont be deadly to your dog if this is what it is, since he has made it so far.
The toxin can effect the heart and cause it to beat irregularly. So we would still recommend he gets to a vet so they can check the heart and give medicine if needed. If it does not seem like this, then they can try to determine what else is going on.
If there is no way to get to a vet, continue to do what you are doing by paying good attention to him, feeding him and making sure he drinks water.
I hope this answers your questions to help your pet. If you have others, please let me know.
Evan Keller

Feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much. She seems to be "perking up" a bit after eating and drinking. She continues to have the heavy times. Her pupils are less dialated and she appears to be more responsive when I call her name. I will contact her vet tomorrow if she is still a bit different. What else can you tell me about the treatment and duration of the don't know how much I appreciate this help.
This is good news and I am glad you have a bit more peace of mind.
Believe it or not, we get this question about toads at least once a week!
You should be prepared just in case it happens again so you can give immediate aid, which is basically wipe out and flush out their mouth for 15 minutes with water.

Here is a link to a webpage that provides good information.

The symptoms typically last for 24 to 48 hours.

Evan Keller
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you again Dr. Keller. Your response and knowledge is greatly appreciated!!!!!Smile If I understand and judging by the time line she should be feeling better tomorrow....? She is my "Baby Girl" and she is one tough Canine! I will keep a good eye out for these toads and also check the link you sent to me. I truly hope and pray she will be better tomorrow.....she is moving her eyebrows now when I call her....I am very thankful to you for the information and you definately will get feed back from me!!!!!! If I need your sevice again I will be back. What you do for such a reasonable price is AMAZING!
You are very welcome Melissa
Keep in mind we are not 100% sure that it was the toad, but it all seems to be fitting. If he is not better in a couple of days, get him checked out!
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