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Dr. Bruce
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My cat was not eating and hiding. We took her to the Vet he

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My cat was not eating and hiding. We took her to the Vet he gave 1.25mg Metoclopramide SQ and Rx'd Metronidazole 50mg/ml - 1.5 cc PO BID x 10 days. Doesn't look like she is getting better, eats VERY little, very weak with impaired gait and also has drainage from her eyes. Doesn't make any sounds, barely walks. What might it be and what should I do? She is 4,5 yo Maine coon. Thank You!

Welcome to Just Answer. Can you help me with a few questions?
1) Is your little one vomiting?
2) Did the vet do any tests - radiographs, blood work?
3) Is she straining to urinate or defecate?
4) Is she spayed?

Dr. Bruce
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
1. Never vomited since this has started
2. No bloodwork done
3. Multiple diarrhea 10 days ago
4. She is spayed

Vet's report says:

BARH, nervous, BCS / 6/7*9
Int-nsf, pln-wnl, EENT - e&e clean, GI - mild reaction to palpation, Ropey bowel loops, some fluid and gas noted, h/l - nsr, NM, lungs c&e, m/s/n. amb x4
I would say that at this point in time, your vet tried to do some empirical treatment with the metoclopramide (an antinausea medication) and the metronidazole ( a common antibiotic for diarrhea). These treatments currently aren't working. Therefor, we need to start to put pieces to the puzzle together and see what the picture is.

I really would encourage going back to your vet for them to see that she isn't getting better with what they've done so far. Based on that, they should want to do some blood work and radiographs to see what that reveals. She could have pancreatitis, foreign body ingestion, gastritis, liver issues, kidney issues, etc. The tests will help to set up the next treatment plan.

At this point, we don't have enough information to know what is going on. The one thing in your vets findings that has perked my attention is the GI - mild reaction to palpation and ropey bowels - She again could have pancreatitis or ingestion of something that is stuck. I know this seems unlikely, but just last week, I had a case where the owners swore the cat couldn't eat anything....and she did. It was part of a toy mouse stuck in her loop of bowel causing very similar signs as to what you're describing.

Dr. Bruce
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