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My dog has open wounds from a fight with another dog. We have

Resolved Question:

My dog has open wounds from a fight with another dog. We have been putting ointment on her legs. We washed her again today and she smells like dead flesh and there was something on her that looked like a maggot. Im wanting to know what should we do about her. We have her on antibiotics that she has from a previous injury when a car hit her. We have her inside now after we seen how bad she was. We are wondering what to do. The vet is so expensive and we are strapped at this time for the money and was wondering if there is anything we can get at a feed store for this.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for using, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.


If you have a smell of dead flesh and something that looks like a maggot on the wounds then the vet is unavoidable. If the flesh is dying it needs to be removed from the body before it allows the spread of the disease. Also, it sounds like the antibiotic you are using is not working if dead flesh is being produced. The feed store will not help you. You need to get to the vet and soon before this small problem turns into gangrene which can become fatal. I hope this helps, best wishes.


Dr. Dan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She has been on the antibiotics for two days today. Her legs are not big like yesterday. This happened saturday night. So has the anitbiotics even really started to work yet with just starting them? And she walks around.
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 8 years ago.

For many antibiotics the time to peak blood effect is 1-5 hours so yes the antibiotics are likely working. If the bacteria are suceptible to the drug you have and the drug you have has good wound and skin penetration. Many times in bite wounds the damage to the tissue done by the bites cuts off blood supply to sections of the tissue around the bite. When we get massive bite wounds in our clinic we take them to surgery to remove this devitalized (no blood supply) tissue. The reason we do this is that tissue with no blood supply cannot get antibiotics delivered in any meaningful way. As long as this tissue remains it is a safe harbor to for these bacteria to hide and contiue to infect the wound and continue to make it worse. When the dead tissue become colonized and begins to "spread" that is gangrene and that's very bad.


Dr. Dan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the skin is not white or dead looking just smells. And at all the woumbs blood is there. We wrapped her legs with gauge and meidication and she ate that off with in an hour. So keep an eye on her and keep giving her the antibiotics but if I see that she is having skin look like it is white like dead skin then take her in.
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 8 years ago.

Thats ok, but if anything changes or the dead smell lasts any longer than 24 more hours you need to see the vet.


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