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My dog is constantly scratching at his ear consequently i took

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My dog is constantly scratching at his ear consequently i took a look inside his ear and found that he has scratched the outer ear enough to make it bleed but also there is a black waxy substance inside his ear and is also reddened throughout the very inside of that ear as far as I can see... any thing that I can do to make him more comfoartable for the evening until I can take him to a professional?
This is an information request, to help me answer you.

How long has he been scratching at the ear? Is it just one of his ears? Is he itchy anywhere else on his body?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He has been scratching on his ear for about two hours now..time between scratches is about 3 to 5 minutes. This is just one of his ears and he is not itchy anywhere else on his body. However he was at a kennel this weekend and it seems from the report from my husband that the area that he was in was not as clean as we would like to see it.
There are a lot of possibilities. Food and other allergies often manifest as one itchy ear. Allergic reaction frequently lead to secondary yeast infections, which produce a black greasy discharge, and then the secondary yeast infection is very itchy itself.

Another possibility is something that got into the ear, some foreign material or dirt or water.

Until you can have the ear looked at, I would try cleaning with a dilute vinegar solution (half water and half vinegar). I would also try treating with something for the itch. If you can massage some oinment or cream containing some cortisone compound, that may help him feel better. You could also try giving him some Benedryl, about one milligram of Benedryl (diphenhydramine) per pound, every 8 to 12 hours. It will help if this is an allergic reaction, and help make him drowsy to get some rest.

I would have the ear examined tomorrow by your veterinarian, if none of this gives him much relief. Hope this helps, Rebecca
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