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Dr. Christy
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spits: fur..water in its mouth..its left front leg is completely bald

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My Chinchilla is loosing its fur. Its takes water in its mouth and spits it down its neck and stomach its left front leg is completely bald. It is still eating good and dosen't act sick. Could it be mange? Is it something my dog could catch?
I am wondering if you could tell me how old your chinchilla is?
Do you have others and are they normal?
How often does your chin get a dust bath?
What do you feed your chin?
What does the skin look like where it is bald - red? scaly?

Thank you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's about 3 years old. Only one we have. It was pretty neglected most of the winter, did't get the dust bath like it should of. The bald spots are red but not scaly. It' get pellet mixed with oats rasians its a regular store bought mix, and timithoy grass.
Okay, thank you for the information. Although ringworm is a possibility and we should have your chin tested for this because it is contagious to humans, I also think that we could have a stress related fur pulling. This is a poorly understood phenomenon but I have seen it several times. chinchillas must have a dust bath about twice a week for 10-15 min. without this they will not be properly groomed and this alone could be the cause for the loss of hair.

I would also recommend having his teeth checked by a veterinarian just in case the water dribbling out of the mouth is due to overgrown teeth.

Also provide a variety of toys and activities for stimulation as boredom can also be a cause of stress. I hope that this helps you and your chin!
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