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I'll start by saying im getting an ultrasound Monday. But my

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I'll start by saying im getting an ultrasound Monday. But my anxiety is thru the roof so im just looking for some perspective. Im 41 and just recently finally forced myself to see and obtain a primary care doctor. Ive had frequent urination for years and lately its been accompanied by worrisome pains in the back and flank areas. My doctor did his best to calm me down because anxiety is high and its all i can think about. He said ill be fine but didnt do much besides takes blood and urine which i havent got results from yet. Ok the actual question. I confided to him ive had abnormalities in my testicles my entire adult life that ive kept suppressed. I explained the left one and he said it definitely sounds like varicele. Where the attaching vein feels like a bag of worms. ive never had pain or sexual disfunction so i lived with it. The right testicle is worrisome to me on the eve of this ultrasound because every so often when i get the courage to vigorously examine in the shower i find a pimple like bump. Its very elusive though. When i feel that ive secured it, it then slips away. Sometmes theres an ache and sometimes theres not. I would say a "presence" is what i feel but my mind is going crazy so i dont know. Last thing i'll add is that this pimple like thing has been around for years as well. Ive just foolishly ignored it out of childlike fear. Any advise or opinions?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I would add, as for the first portion of my story, i did get a general urinalysis that came up clean. So there likely isnt any infection im told ie. kidney or uti. I am being told i could have BPH. Which would actually be a relief compared to what im thinking but i'll have to see. Im also seeing a urologist later next week. Thank you and sorry to ramble on

Hell Dr Whitney here Im a urologist. The voiding symptoms and abd flank pain I worry about your not emptying which the urologist can do a bladder scan in the office and treat with medication if needed. The testicular issue of a bag of worms is a classic description of a varicocele you do nothing about. The right testicle may be a cyst on the testes or epididymis or a calcification in the sac again no worry. Bad things in the scrotum on the testicle you would feel a mass very rare at your age, From what you describe I would not worry. BPH is probable a mild problem from anxiety not relaxing the bladder neck

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Ok thank you i appreciate it. Im having a hard time mentally finally facing up to all of this and my body isn't feeling like my old self. Im obsessing on these pulsing pains i feel everywhere.