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Doctor, and have a fear of fecal germs/contamination. I hope

Customer Question

Doctor, I am OCD and have a fear of fecal germs/contamination. I hope you can help. Are everyday fecal germs dangerous ? Do they did quickly upon exposure to air ? I had to drop my shorts for a doctor recently for a tailbone examination and I had been having a wet farts/poop stain/skid marks episode that day. When I put my shorts back on, I pulled them up directly onto / across my buttocks. No problem there, but later in the day I visited another doctor for a chiropractic adjustment. The wet farts were continuing, so after the adjustment, I grabbed the back of my shorts/briefs to hitch them up tighter. Then I signed my credit card statement for the doctor, but I unwittingly used a pen he had left on the table with the next patient's chart (the pen was for that next patient to use.) So, my mistake. Now I am concerned I may have contaminated the pen and the charts with fecal germs because my hand had come in contact with that area of my briefs where I was having problems with the wet farts, poop stain skid marks.Is this my OCD ? Is it something I should be concerned with ? Perhaps trace amounts of fecal germs came in contact with the chart and pen, but are those germs dangerous ? Would it be my responsibility to tell the chiropractor about this ? I have wrestled with this issue for two weeks, so now I've decided to get an opinion from your Just Answer staff.Along the same lines, a few weeks ago a new toilet was installed in my apartment. When they removed the old one,it was dripping wet from the drain pipe's connection. They put it on top of cardboard to catch the drip, but some of the water still dripped onto my carpet prior to them doing that. Is there any cause for concern that area of my carpet is contaminated now? The toilet had long ago been flushed, so no solid waste was sitting in it. I don't know if the water that dripped on the carpet was clean or dirty. If the water had some fecal bacteria that dripped onto the carpet, would that bacteria die after the carpet dried ? I used some carpet shampoo on the area, but don't know how effective that was.On a separate basis apart from normal everyday poop germs, I am also wondering how bad the diarrhea germ is. I had it last week, and I was wondering if it's necessary to launder my stuff that had secondary exposure to my shorts/briefs which I wore in bed (launder the bedding, etc ?) Does the diarrhea germ die upon exposure to air, and how quickly ? If clean clothes came in contact with my bedding, would that contaminate those clean clothes I had laid out to wear in the morning ? Is the diarrhea germ very dangerous, or is it no different from any other germ ?Thanks....Tim..
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 11 months ago.

Hello, this is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

Expert:  Dr. David replied 11 months ago.

yes, this is your ocd getting out of control.

you don't have to worry.

you just need to wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom.