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Since the start of June, my bladder has started to become

Customer Question

Since the start of June, my bladder has started to become more sensitive. I don't really know how else to explain it. Started off as a dull pelvic ache - no UTI, urine sample negative. Doctors put me on various types of antibiotics anyway - no change. Since then, gradually I've developed increasing sensation of needing to urinate, all the time. I had a cystoscopy which showed a "perfect bladder lining". I am not retaining any urine (had several ultrasounds before and after urinating). I can keep a normal voiding diary, it's just the sensation of having to urinate, even when I don't need to. I'm not leaking any urine. This sensation heightens as I drink water.
Symptoms are a bit odd - if I lie down and just run my hand over where my bladder is, I get the urge to urinate stronger. If I sit with my legs crossed, I feel like I'm squishing my bladder a bit, the urge to urinate is stronger. It's like the normal bladder filling sensation, and sensation of when my bladder was full, has changed a bit - it's more sharp, acute, rather than the more gentle bladder full sensation I used to have.
I've also had pain in my belly button. It feels like a string is pulling from my belly button to my bladder. I feel the belly button pain and the bladder discomfort concurrently. It feels maybe like nerve pain, a pulling sensation between the two. It's the sensation you get when you stick your finger deep in your belly button and wiggle it around, that need to pee feeling - I have it all the time. My doctor was able to much lessen the belly button pain with 200mg of Lyrica (I've been taking 100mg a day for a week), and 8mg valium. The super sensitive belly button pain went, but if I gently run my hand over my belly button, or gently run my hand over my bladder, I get that "stick your finger deep in belly button and wiggle - have to pee" feeling. That feeling is lesser, all the time. That's the best way I can describe all this.
Any ideas?!
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr.Amita replied 1 year ago.

Dear Clare

Thanks for your question.

The symptoms you describe may indicate a form of overactive bladder .There can be several different underlying mechanisms which lead to these symptoms and can include compression on spinal cord especially central compression in spinal canal or spinal cord injury, conditions like anxiety , depression and attention deficit, inflammation and outlet obstruction.

Considering that lyrica has given you some relief your condition may involve pathology of nerves or spinal cord as lyrica is effective in disorders arising from nerves or spinal cord.

Therefore you may need to investigate the condition from perspective of spine disorder as well even if you do not have any symptoms from your back.

You may also need to investigate and rule out other factors mentioned above.

I am giving a link which carries scientific details regarding these issues and you may like to share this article with your doctor.

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