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After 20+ hours of having sex my testicles started

Customer Question

Hello. After 20+ hours of having sex my testicles started itching... Didn't pay much attention next day I noticed small rash on my penis. There was a foul smell too .the rash never hurt or itched on my penis.I was super concerned so I got tested for herpes right after 72 hours from sex. Thanks god it came back negative. I have few questions. Decently I discover couple bumps on the head of the penis no pain or itching.. My old bumps are white like scars now. Question is how accurate can the blood test be. I have pictures If needed.
Nothing visible on testicles. Question number two is...can this be yeast infection.. BTW I just got done taking antibiotics and on that day I took the double dosage of over the ounter testosterone medication just to make sure I have good long sex. spots on the head of the penis are New today..can this be herpes or yeast? It sweats a lot and it warm
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Urodoc replied 1 year ago.

Usually herpes is a painful condition.

Window period is the time between first infection and when the test can reliably detect that infection.

Herpes can be tested after 1 week of exposure and repeated again after 6 weeks.

I do think you need a repeat herpes test after 6 weeks.

Usually fungal infection cause lot of itching.It don't look like fungal infection to me.

HSV 2 IgG And IgM

HSV 1 IgG And IgM





Urine Complete Examination.

Expert:  Urodoc replied 1 year ago.

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