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I am an uncircumcised male in his mid twenties. A couple of

Customer Question

I am an uncircumcised male in his mid twenties.
A couple of years ago I damaged my penis during sex/masturbation. I had gotten into the habit of pushing blood into it while erect, in order for it to feel bigger and harder during sex.
One day this activity led to a sudden swelling in an area close to the tip of the penis. I assume my unhealthy procedure had led to some kind of fracture or damage to the blood veins, or to the penis in some other way. The swelling, as I remember it, was a bump of quite substantial size, soft, but I do not remember it as painful.
I was terrified and left it alone, hoping the swelling would go away. A day or two later I was relieved to find that the swelling had disappeared. I found later however, that the incident had left me with the condition that I am still experiencing today, a couple of years later.
In the area where the swelling appeared, the veins are thicker and harder. Most of the day it is painless visually unnoticable, but at times the veins will get very pronounced, and the area will be very itchy, sometimes bordering on light pain.
The phenomenon is particularily prominent during prolonged sexual arousal, when the penis has been filled with blood over a longer time. During full erections it is usually less painful/itchy.
As this condition has led to a considerable amount of stress and unease, and an inability to enjoy sexual moments the way I used to, a year ago, maybe 6 months after the damage occurred, I visited a urologist, who examined the condition rapidly by looking at and manipulating it.
He told me there was nothing seriously wrong, although he said he could see it. He told me to be patient, and that it would go away with time. I asked him if I should take a "Doppler test", since reading on the internet, I had gotten the idea that it could be some kind of blood clotting, and that a Doppler test apparently could detect this. The urologist did not seem to think there was any point in this, though he told me to come back if it got worse.
Now, maybe a year later, the problem remains exactly as it was. I never felt like I got a conclusive answer from my examination back then, since he was not prepared for my appointment (I explained the issue during the appointment), because he only examined it manually and quickly, and because I was too embarrassed to tell him the full truth about how the damage occurred. (I told him it happened during rough sex)
So now, having lost hope that the issue will resolve by itself, I'm looking for a deeper understandig of what actually has happened. I'm wondering if there's likely to be any way to remedy my condition, and whether getting a second opinion is worth the try.
With the information I have given you, can you help me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.

It is likely there is some damage to the veins.

It is not likely it will correct itself.

You need to go back to the urologist and tell him the whole story.

It is not likely clots.

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