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I recently underwent surgery to repair a rupture of the main

Customer Question

I recently underwent surgery to repair a rupture of the main vein of my penis. Originally they thought it was a penile fracture but the circumstances under which the injury occurred did not seem like a typical penile fracture. It occurred during a partial erection and adjusting my penis in my pants. There was a sudden and very rapid onset of swelling and what the doctor described as a hematoma when I was in the ER. They rushed me to the OR within a half hour of being in triage. They surgically l explored the problem when it was discovered the vein had ruptured. They repaired the vein, closed me back up with stitches around the circumference of my penis near where my foreskin would be. (I am circumcised). In the hospital they had a catheter which was removed after a few hours post op. I was urinating normally, bladder was emptying fully and they send me home within one day after surgery. I was prescribed pain meds 5/325 oxycodone, 3 days worth of Bactrim DS 800/160 taken twice daily, a stool softener, and a probiotic. The pain has been bearable. But I am out of pain medicine. I am now on day 4 of recovery. . I have been instructed to remove the dressing and shower as usual except the area where there are stitches, Pat dry and apply an ointment after every urination. After much reading I believe the standard is 5-7 days of antibiotics to prevent any type of infection. I have on hand cefuroxime from a previous bacterial infection of another nature. I've contacted all my doctors and no one will give me any answers so this is why I am turning to your forum for help. It is a simple question, will me taking the cefuroxime be beneficial since my Bactrim is used up to help speed up healing of the wound and also help any possibility of preventing any potential infection? My doctors will not answer this question because I am not in their office and sitting in front of them asking them. I've called the surgeon, my normal urologist and another urologist rexxomeded by my uncle who is a nurse at Cornell in Nyc. I just want to heal as quickly as possible and at the same time try to prevent any type of complications due to such a short dose of antibiotics. Would it be safe to take the cefuroxime preventatively in order to speed up healing? Or could it cause any potential unwanted side effects? I understand that your answers are all options and not you telling me what to do or not to do. I have just had such a hard time getting any information out of anyone and I feel that me writing to this forum is a last resort. Any opinions or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 1 year ago.

You definitely do not need the cefuroxime. The Bactrim is sufficient and I don't even send my patients out in any prophylactic antibiotics unless there is sign of infection at the time of surgery. Taking cefuroxime will only increase your risk for a severe bowel infection called clostridium dificile. Your doctor has sent you out of the correct regimen. Hope this helps.