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I'm an expectant father and i wonder: Are there really good

Customer Question

I'm an expectant father and i wonder: Are there really good medical reasons for the routine circumcision of newborn male infants? I'm told intact males have a slightly higher risk of UTI's and the WHO says there is a slightly lower risk of STI's in circumcised males (that study was based on men in Africa where cultural norms about condoms are different). However outside the USA routine circiumcision is rare, and I've not heard of UTI's being a massive public health concern in Canada or Britain. I'd like to hear the opinion of a urologist rather than a pediatrician as I want to know the long term implications of circumcising my son vs leaving him intact.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 1 year ago.


The plus point in having circumcision is that there is less incidence of penile cancer in circumcised males.

The exact reason is not known, but has been speculated as lack of deposition of smegma and less irritation of the glans penis in circumcised males. Also circumcision offers this protection if it is done in early neonatal period. Late childhood or adult circumcision does not offer this protection.Again the reasons are not available.

As far as UTI is concerned, it is recommended in males who have VUR - vesico ureteric reflux - a genetic condition of the bladder and the ureter.Otherwise it may not help reduce UTI in normal males.

Reduction in STI may be possible as there is less chance of foreskin injury if you are circumscribed but this is not mandatory.