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DrRussMd, Board certified internist
Category: Urology
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Experience:  In internal medicine we deal with prostate, bladder and kidney diseases, including cancers.
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I am experiencing pain when I urinate. I am 73. I have

Customer Question

I am experiencing pain when I urinate. I am 73. I have medicare and medica and wish to find a urologist near me in Maple Grove which takes these two services. My urine flow takes a while to get started. My bladder does not fully empty. So I walk around for 2" and return and can go a second time for another 10 seconds. It is inconvenient. I do not get an erection either. These symptoms have increased over time.
I was tail ended in February in a car accident and injured my lower back and got whiplash. Could this accident be a factor?
Dale Stone ***@******.*** (###) ###-####
I get a free annual physical with the two insurance providers. I have not had one for over a year. If the urologist could also give me the annual physical, that would kill two birds w/one stone. I would gladly use this MD for both things in one visit.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My father had prostate cancer. Following having it removed, his MD said, "Pastor Stone, it has gone into your hip bone. Therefore we need to aggressively treat it w/ chemo and radiation. Failing these treatments your life expectancy is only three to six months." Instead my father decided first to try a nutritional supplement I use and market, Barley Life. It is the juice from a barley plant w/brown rice and kelp. In powder form. I edited a book on it I will make available free to the MD whom you recommend if I decide to take your recommendation. Instead of dying in six months, my father lived another seven years and died of congestive heart failure at age 94. I have been taking Barley Life for 18 years. So I don't believe I have cancer. But, I wish to have an exam and hopefully find a plan of treatment which can stop the pain while urinating, enable me to empty my bladder with one flow of urine and hopefully restore my ability to get an erection.Please call me at the above # or on my cell phone(###) ###-####I do not wish to sign up to ask questions every month for a charge. I was surprised there was a charge. Is that covered by Medicare and Medicaid? I put it on my Visa in any case. I hope to be reimbursed. Because I am in fact giving an MD a chance to get a new pt. I am not certain why I am being billed.Thanks,Dale Stone
Maple Grove, MN
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 2 years ago.

Hello what city and state?