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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
Satisfied Customers: 3682
Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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I have BPH. I get some blood in urine once every 2 to 3

Customer Question

I have BPH. I get some blood in urine once every 2 to 3 days, when using a catheter which I use about 2 times at night and once early AM (not during the day). Once a week some blood leaks out when not urinating.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 2 years ago.

Hi ,

Why are you using a catheter - are you on self catheterization?

Do you get blood in urine after using the catheter?

Any pain while passing urine?

Are you taking any blood thinners?

Do you smoke?

Please let me know.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
FIRST: RE: BILLING ,,, I did NOT subscribe to a 7day free trial. I just found your post here today and saw the spot to click to do that.
I asked the question on 9/19 and was charged $5 + $31 on my debit card on 9/21 (2 day trial?? Really??). I was looking for an email response to my question. Not seeing it I thought the system did not work correctly. Then I got an email from you a couple days ago to look at your web site ,,, hence I'm here now. Meantime I went to my doctor who said to drink fresh cranberry in a blender for 24 hours. That stopped all the bleeding.
Therefore, because of all this and since I was not able to benefit from Dr. Tharun's advice (because I did not see this response from you with furthur questions for me), I request a refund of the $36 I paid.
As I'm age 84 and living on social security this refund would be a BIG help to my budget.
Thanks very much, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 2 years ago.


I will forward your request for a refund to the concerned department.

Take care .