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DrRussMd, Board certified internist
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I have been had UTI's since the age of 7. In my thirties I

Customer Question

I have been had UTI's since the age of 7. In my thirties I began to experience a 'pressure' internally similar to a tampon not being correctly positioned and the muscles of my vagina trying to eliminate it. I did not have an urinary pain however when I talked to my OB GYN nurse she suggested that I was tested for a UTI and indeed it was. I have had that feeling to the point where I really felt I needed to expel something thru my vagina, intermittently since then, however if I go to the Dr they simply test for it was a chemical reactor stick and say nothing wrong. So I go away and it lasts for weeks and weeks before eventually going away. However, I'm now 61 and the last few times this has happened it 'sort of' feels like a UTI without the full burning sensation or mega urgency, as well as the pressure which at times is quite strong and I really feel like I need to pass something. The need to 'expel' happens at random times no pattern. I went to Urgent care on one occasion who gave me some antibiotics 'just in case' and sent my for a scan on my whole pelvic area. I was told results were normal. I am up to date on my pap smear etc., and my health is generally good except for having hypothyroidism for which I use Tirasint. I have been experiencing this problem again for about 2 weeks now and am reticent to go to the Dr because he just looks at me like I'm mad. It's making me very miserable. My pubic area feels like it's got a fever and is very tender. Would you have any idea's what it may be so I can see my Dr and talk sensibly
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 2 years ago.
Interstitial cystitis is one possibility.
This requires a scope of the bladder to determine.
Pelvic pain syndrome is another.
This can be constantly painful and needs physical therapy to help settle it down.
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