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I have had symptoms of overactive bladder in the past. Have

Customer Question

I have had symptoms of overactive bladder in the past. Have to run to the restroom at a moments notice. One day while shopping it hit me and I held myself trying to get out of the store. I was holding myself tightly and bent over to place something in my car and felt as though something tore down there. Actually thought I was not going to be able to walk. As though I was having a major spasm in my bladder / lower area around my female area. I had to walk very slow and it was painful. The next day I was having very burning pain in my bladder/ vagina area Went to my personal physician. No infection. No blood in urine. I was scheduled for cat scan of abdomen and pelvic/ ultrasound of pelvic and abdomen. All tests were fine. The pain I felt in my bladder area actually left me and the only thing I had hanging on was the feeling I had developed arthritis in my pelvic area. Just pain when I walk and turn over in bed at night, or when I do sit ups I feel pain in my pelvic area. Such as sore or torn muscles. This all happened 9 months ago. Now after 9 months I am feeling the bladder irritated feeling again. Which had totally left me. I also still have the arthritis feeling in my pelvic area still. The arthritis feeling does not bother me as much as when I get this annoying pain which feels like it is in my bladder. But it is not bad enough to even take anything, just a low grade annoying feeling like an irritated bladder. But I have no burning when urinating or I don't go any more than usual. I actually don't seem to have the got to go thing as much as I did in the past. Would you have any clue to what could be happening. I have thought that maybe when I bent over that day with a full bladder and holding my muscles so tight that I have damaged some nerves or muscles in some way down there. But don't know why I keep getting the irritated feeling in my bladder area. I don't know if the two things even go together. Very confused and frustrated and not even sure what doctor I should see. Plus it is all so embarrassing. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have no sexual issues at all. Which is odd because the pain is right in that area also. I am post menopause and ultrasound showed a slightly thickened lining, but nothing else. I just keep going back to the day I was tightening those muscles and bent over and felt as though something happened . ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Y. replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
There's nothing internal that you can tear per se. I don't think your urinary symptoms are associated with the sensation you felt. But it is possible that you may have a problem with prolapse of your female organs which could be causing urinary urgency symptoms. I would recommend that you see a urologist who specializes in female urology to do in pelvic examination to see if you have pelvic organ prolapse that may need surgical correction to stop the symptoms. They can also prescribe a medication such as oxybutynin to stop the urinary symptoms. Hope this helps.