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Dr. Rick, MD
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I've been home now three weeks from an unfortunate 5 week

Customer Question

I've been home now three weeks from an unfortunate 5 week hospital stay . I have Lupus; but ended up at ER initially with kidney stone. Doc found I did have a stone but also I had developed pylonephritis and was sicker than I imagined. I was admitted and they decided to remove stone next morning because last stone six yrs earlier got "stuck" and so they removed it and placed stent. Unfortunately I got septic, had septic shock with multiple seizures for two weeks husband tells me. I have zero memory of hospital stay except going to ER screaming in pain from stone. Boy they hurt! Hubby says I almost died...I don't remember... which is scary to not remember. I lost 18 lbs. Five weeks in hospital. I'm immunosuppressed as I'm on 30 mg still migrating down... get back down to my normal 20 soon... and I take 200mg imuran daily... I have Lupus that's always flaring. It's really flaring now... from all the stress and trauma. The kidney infection keeps coming back. I'm on my now fourth bottle of a different new antibiotic.. as soon as I finish. In two days it's back. I had bad left flank pain again Sunday so figured another kidney infection... getting worse as I was running 99.1 (fever for me as I run my normal of 96.4) and kept having drenching g sweats. I went back to see my pc doc... and got new antibiotic... but today got called and told xray showed stone sitting at junction ready to fall..and was told its too big to pass as I have tiny ureter.. and same reason my first ever stone 6 years ago got stuck and I had to get it surgically removed then but had no complications then.. this time was bad... and I bled so much after surgery husband says my ped was color of dark plums. He said the urethra or ureter (I don't remember which it was) got nicked. Oh well things happen.
Now I find d the urologist who they had treat me in hospital has left practice and moved. So I'm to be set up with another Monday. I had two CT's in hospital. How can it have not shown there was another stone in kidney? Educate me please. I'm very hesitant to return to hospital. Today is first day I could walk without assistance in PT. I'm still not well. And lupus is flaring constant still. Could you explain what possible risks I'd might be facing if I chose to just let it sit there and hope it doesn't move... for a bit so I can first get stronger and build up my blood counts as I'm anemic from loss of blood. Hematacrit still low. Obviously the infection hasn't cleared up yet... oral antibiotics aren't doing the job... but I'd be ok to get home IV therapy with iv antibiotic... I had that a few years ago. I'm very scared ill get real sick again as I'm only home almost three weeks yet and still so very weak if I go in hospital. Possibly I need to go to Memphis where my specialists are with UT... and stay at hospital there instead of local.... but really... it's still scary to contemplate going back to any hospital. Second, can't a CT identify or show presence of stone?? Just wonder how this one could have been missed... wish could have had it removed with other... but I know nothing is perfect. Worried I may have others and we won't know. I'm just not sure if going back in is smart. I'm still not well and my Lupus is still going nuts on me. What is criteria to have "lithotripsy"? Heard about that but haven't been offered that option yet. Thought may be less dangerous given what happened to me. Well I'd appreciate opinion of risks I might have if I wait to get stronger and, can CT show stones inside kidney and third... what's criteria to use lithotripsy?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.
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The indication for lithotripsy is symptomatic kidney stones that can be treated with this modality.
Here is an excellent article from a highly respected source that goes over everything you ever wanted to know about this procedure:,P07720/
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