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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
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Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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I'm a male who discovered blood in my urine yesterday. There

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I'm a male who discovered blood in my urine yesterday. There were also pieces of coagilataed blood as well. The blood ws present at every urination. It was not present in the Am urinations after many liquids and began noticing around 4pm yesterday. I was taking aspirin for a shoulder injury, 8 for the day. It is uncommon for me to take that much aspirin and seldom use it.This morning the blood is still present although my most recent trip to urinate there was a reduced amount to none present that could be detected .


Do you have pain or burning while passing urine?

Do you have to strain to pass urine?

Do you have to go to the bathroom more frequently?

Abdominal Pain?

Do you smoke?

Are you hypertensive or diabetic?

Any prostate problems you have?

Please let me know


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No burning.

First urinaation of the day slower but free flowing after with lots of water.

I only urinate frequently as I consume much water throughout the day.

No adominal pain.

I smoke.

Not hypertensive or diabetic.

Sometimes prostae feels swollen. Comes and goes. Last PSA was normal.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi!. I do not see an answer. What do I do?

HI Andy,

Blood in urine can be due to many reasons. But the most concerning is the possibility of cancer in the bladder or the kidneys. Other causes of bleeding are urinary infection, enlarged prostate, due to the aspirin, stones, and benign lesions. However the most common cause of bleeding at this age is from enlarged prostate and urinary infection.
Smoking is a high risk factor for bladder cancer, hence you need to be more vigilant about these incidences.

You don't have symptoms like pain, frequency which are signs of an infection. So there is a less chance that this is due to an infection. But there could be exceptions. Clots represent that the bleeding is significant.But you have symptoms of enlarged prostate, so there is likely chance this could be from the prostate. Bleeding could be due to the aspirin too. But most of the times aspirin just unmasks an already present problem. So we cannot just ignore this bleeding.

Ideally you require further investigations -CT scan of the abdomen, Urine exam and cystoscopy (seeing inside the bladder with a camera). I would advise you to see your doctor immediately who can order the necessary tests and confirm the diagnosis for this bleeding.

If it is the enlarged prostate, then medications will take care of it. If it is infection, then antibiotics will resolve it. If it is the aspirin, stopping it will do the job.
If any mass or cancer is detected then it require treatment according to its merit.

I hope this helps you take a quick decision.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have now urinated three times in a row without evidence of blood at least to the naked eye. I have taken no aspirin today. The last dosage of two 325mg aspirin was taken yesterday around 6:30pm.

HI Andy,

Probably it has settled down. But it can come back later even after weeks or so.Once you have visible blood in urine with history of smoking, it is mandatory you see your doctor and get the tests done. The current guidelines indicate this.

Very likely that the aspirin could have caused the bleed, but we have to prove it so.It can be proven only be doing the tests.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have a scheduled a visit to my primary doctor this Wednesday and it will certainly be discussed. Thank you!

All the best and do update me about your health .


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