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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
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For the last past month I have been diagnosed with 3 re-accurent

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For the last past month I have been diagnosed with 3 re-accurent UTI by my Gynecologist. And my Primary Care Physician refuses to believe it he says when he tested me he dosent see anything.I have so much pressure in my bladder. The 1st time I was diagnosed with a UTI my symptoms were painful urination, swollen pelvic that when I went to see my peimary care physian she then diagnosed me with pelvic inflamatory disease which came out negative but gave me a shot anyways then she said it looks like you just have a UTI with a yeast infection. I was so upset. When i had finished my Rx for the UTI my symptons came back again this time they came back much worse a lot of painfull urination and itich along with it. Therefore my Gynecologist diagnosed me with Cipro a medication that will cured it in 3 days. It did but 4 days later it came back much worse. Now this last time it came back with lower pain in my back I rush myself to the E.R. which the diagnosed with a bladder infection with viginitis I was given Dyxolin and flugunaze oral and to follow up with my M.D. Like a good Patient I did and My M.D. said to continue on taking them I was still in pain for 7days. So I went back to my Gynecologist and she actually got me off the meds ran some test and Rx. Me Microbid for 7days and Difflucan for the yeast infection. I apologize for this being long. But my gynecologist tells me I need to see a specialist. How do I go about
seeing a Specialist? Don't I need a referal. I have PPO insurance do I still need a referal from Primary Care Ohysian because they refuse to believe that I need one. Please help.

Recurrent UTI's require specialist care.There could be various underlying causes for UTI's like stones, resistant bacteria, reflux, mass etc which are not the expertise of an PCP. If not treated well it can cause long term problems with the bladder as well as the kidney.

You were diagnosed with UTI three times recently and that is a quiet a valid reason for a referral to an urologist.
Basically whether you need a referral or not depends up on your insurance policy. They are the rule makers. But as far as I believe most PPO’s do not require you to select a primary doctor, and require you only to choose general practitioners and specialists within their network of doctors.You do not need referrals to see other providers in their network.
But the best information will be directly inquiring with the insurance office.So confirm the policy and then choose a specialist in their list of doctors.
You can always ask your gynecologist to speak to your PCP, if at all you will need a referral. Their is always mutual respect among doctors.

I hope this helps you clear your doubts.


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