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I'm a 35 year old male who had a scope put up my urethra and

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Hi there. I'm a 35 year old male who had a scope put up my urethra and into my bladder by a Urologist around 10 hours ago (there was a bad stab of pain going into the bladder). The exam turned up some inflammatory polyps around the neck of the bladder entering the urethra, presumably due to not emptying the bladder properly (caffeine may be playing a role, according to the Doc). I was put on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and told to dry double voiding for a few months along with less caffeine. In any case, immediately after the exam I tried urinating and encountered a lot of pain doing so (stabbing pains toward the tip of the penis and somewhat inside as well). I just figured I must be peeing out the gel they put up there as lubricant. That pain during urination has persisted, along with occasional drops of blood coming out of the urethra toward the end of urination. This evening the pain was excruciating and I had difficulty getting a good stream going. There's a persistent feeling of pain/inflammation and the feeling of something being "in there" although I realize thats not necessarily the case. I just wanted to know if this is normal, what the best course of action is, how long it usually persists and what to look out for. There was zero information on all of this after the Doc's exam. As a side note, what are typical cleaning procedures for these scopes? The nurse washed mine off with soap before tossing it into a sanitizer solution (on my way in, I noticed it sitting in there with bits of it not submerged in said solution). The grimy condition of the exam room made me a wee nervous, and some rough handling on the Doc's part didn't help (original exam was to be the urethra only, but he went up to the bladder without warning and...ouch!!!).


Do you have fever?

Are you taking any painkillers?

Please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No fever that I know of. Not on any painkillers at the moment. Feel fine other than the localized pain.

Hi Nate,

It is normal to have painful micturation and some drops of blood after a cystoscopy. It usually persists for 12 -24 hours.

When a cystoscopy is done the scope dilates the urethra as well as the bladder neck and causes minor cuts and rubs. These cuts become inflamed and gets painful when we pass urine.

There is a chance of acquiring urinary infection after cystoscopy, but you are already covered for that.
Scopes are usually dipped in Aldehyde solutions and washed with soap water before any use.
You can take a normal painkiller like motrin or advil to relieve the pain. AZO is urinary analgesic which is very effective in such cases and is available over the counter too.

Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice which will also help reduce the pain.

I hope this answers your question.

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