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kidney stones- ive had kidney stones about 4 times in the

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kidney stones-
ive had kidney stones about 4 times in the past (last one a few years ago) and I know the pain I feel is like a 10/10.. ive only seen one passed though and the rest of the time just had like grainy sludge pass. so like about 4 weeks ago I developed a pain in my left side towards the back and the pain wasn't the same more like a 5/10 and only when I moved or bent down-so I went to my internist who I trust and have seen for about 30 years and he diagnosed it as a muscle strain and tested my urine and found there was no blood or infection in my urine. then I bent down a few days later and the pain shot down to my testicles which stopped after a few days-went back to the dr and he said it was prolly a groin pull from bending over and to use Tylenol and heating or ice packs and said it wanst a kidney stone cause the pain wasn't radiating and not constant when I didn't move. plus the pain wasn't the same as when I had kidney stones before in intensity. I asked if I needed to see a urologist or get xrays and he said that there was no need cause xrays seldom show small stones even if they exist and that this didnt sound like stones (he aso checked for a hernia which he said I didn't have). so my cousin who is a psychiatrist said im crazy as I should see a urologist cause you can have stones that aren't moving or in the ureter that still can cause pain and not all stones cause severe debilitating pain. id rather not have to go to the urologist and I asked my internist how long muscle pain or groin pulls can last and he said it can be quite a while-he has tested my urine 3x now and only said I need to drink more but there was no blood or infection present. so I guess my question is can a groin pull/strained muscle/nerve inflammation feel like a minor pain like a kidney stone-cause I know when ive had the stones it was the worst pain ever and had to be on oxy or vicadin and its no where near that bad. also would x rays show if any small stones exists. I know I need to drink more water too. its just as you can imagine I want to feel better but don't want to have to start over with a new doctor and trust my internist-what would you do if you were me and can people function in their everyday lies with this and does it sound like a muscle strain/groin pull and is there such a thing as "minor kidney stone pain"? [email protected]
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.

so I guess my question is can a groin pull/strained muscle/nerve inflammation feel like a minor pain like a kidney stone- Kidney stones typically cause pain that comes an goes in waves. You may get "hit" with episodes of pain that gets worse at times. Muscle strains typically are a constant ash and soreness and typically do not go away.

With you prior history of kidney stones though, I would say that you should absolutely see your urologist for an examination and a repeat CT scan to see if you may have underlying stones that may be causing your pain that you describe. Otherwise, you are just completely guessing at what is causing your pain.
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