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Have hx of small but painful kidney stones. 3 weeks ago had

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Have hx of small but painful kidney stones. 3 weeks ago had visit to ER due to horrible R flank pain - blood was in urine - nothing showed on CT scan - referred to urologist. At office visit, blood in urine - scheduled for IVP. Nothing showed up, but pain had decreased 2 days before the test. Next day at Dr office, no blood in urine. 3 days later pain increases. Blood shows up in urine again, but is this time is hemolyzed. Urologist says it is not kidney stones and wants to refer me to a orthopedic surgeon? Says maybe it is a bone spur causing the R flank pain and hemolyzed blood - that it is not urological.
Dr. Y. : Was there dilation of the kidney noted?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Not that I was told.
do you still have the stones in the right kidney?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not that they could see on either the CT or the IVP.

Are there other problems that could cause the R-flank pain - definitely in the kidney area - that feels like a stone, but isn't a stone?

I was also told to stop all caffeine - coffee, tea (black and green) and chocolate. I have.

A little more background - dx with my first kidney stone 23 Dec 12 - but it was on the L side. It was very small, 2-3 mm and it was seen on CT and IVP - put on Flomax for about 10 days - no change. They did a stent - a week later, they removed the stent and I immediately, had to go to the hospital - was there for a week in excruciating pain. Pain stopped, was discharged - never caught the stone, but it was no longer showing up on the CT. No problems since until 3 weeks ago.

My current medical hx:

Babesiosis and Lyme - since Feb 2006

I currently see an infectious disease specialist for the treatment of these two illnesses.

If there is no stone present and no dilation of the kidney seen on ultrasound, then this pain is not coming from the kidney as there is no obstruction. Obstruction is what causes pain and you don't have evidence of obstruction. In this case, I agree with your doctor that you should have an evaluation of your back and muscles of the back as the source of the pain.

The hemolyzed blood may be coming from the kidney itself due to kidney disease. But this would not cause pain. You may need to see a nephrologist to determine why you have this hemolyzed blood present.

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