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I have a lump above my left testicle that comes an goes. I

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I have a lump above my left testicle that comes an goes. I know when I get it because it feels like I have a groin pull. If I sit down for a couple of hours it goes away and I can't feel it anymore. I had it for a couple of days last October and again in March and now it happened last week and again today. I can see the bump when my scrotum is fully extended. The next day I will check and it will be gone and I've done a number of self-examinations afterwards and can't find the lump anywhere. Could this be a hernia? The lump and testicle is sensitive when it's in this state.
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Yes, this sounds to be very suspicious for a hernia. There is really nothing else that can intermittently appear and cause pain in this region. You should get in to see your doctor for an exam and you may need to be referred to a general surgeon for an exam to see if you need to have surgery to repair a hernia. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How does the doctor confirm this type of hernia. I've tried to cough and find a something protruding but it's only the lump above the left testicle.

The two activities that could be the cause (but not consistently) is a difficult bowel movement or the day after sex. It hasn't happened often enough for me to get enough data on it. If if occurred after sex, what would that indicate?

They have to do a physical examination and can determine this on exam.
Constipation can lead to a hernia. If this occurs after sex, this may be because the increased pressure during orgasm can lead to the hernia becoming more noticeable.
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