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Ive experienced pain in my left on and off for the

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I've experienced pain in my left testicle on and off for the past 3 years or so. I have been to the urologist and had an ultrasound done which came back negative for any abnormalities. I came back for a second appointment a month or so later after the pain had not subsided (it's mild but annoying). He felt for abnormalities and said he didn't think anything was wrong and that all they could do was another ultrasound. He said it's not uncommon for men to experience pain like that without any major cause.

Since then, I have noticed a very small spot where everything attaches to the testicle that seems to get slightly enlarged (really small and feels very firm), especially if I am aroused and am unable to ejaculate (I don't have a problem ejaculating when I need to, but when there isn't an opportunity). It hasn't gotten any larger or changed in any way. I'm just wondering if I should get checked again or if its something that happens that I'll just have to deal with.
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Have you ever had a hernia repair before?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Did they make mention of any epididymal cysts or spermatoceles on your ultrasound?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They did not. The ultrasound came back completely normal according to what they told me. As far as the knot that I can feel, I really don't think it was present during the ultrasound. They did tell me that it could be a cyst or spermatoceles though and that if it was it might go away. This was probably a little over two years ago. I noticed the knot probably a few months after my last appointment. Because it hasn't changed it hasn't been a major concern, but definitely is the source of the pain, and even when it isn't constantly annoying me, it is a little more sensitive there if I'm feeling it. I also recently started seeing someone and the increased arousal has clearly exacerbated it. Concerning the hernia question, they checked for that too, and while I apparently don't have one, I've noticed that singing (I play guitar and sing) seems to irritate it too.

I think since you have a new change on your scrotal examination, you should see a urologist for a new exam and a possible repeat ultrasound. It is most likely that there is nothing serious causing this pain, however, since your exam did change, you should have a repeat exam to be sure. The knot that you feel may be a small cyst in the epididymis above the testicle. This is not harmful and the pain can be treated with a course of an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Hope this helps.
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