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I am 47 female had one uti 2 yrs ago. and now I had a bad

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Hello, I am 47 female had one uti 2 yrs ago. and now I had a bad one.. and bladder infection. I have had urinary retention since 9/6... what could cause this problem. And I am afraid the longer this persists the more difficult it will be for the bladder to start working normally. I am now on Rapaflow used for men, for 4 days now, but it is not working.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
Do you have diabetes?
Are you taking any medications besides the Rapaflo and antibiotics?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

not diabetic. no other drugs. non smoker and don't drink. never get sick... had about 3 common colds in the last 17 yrs... I do have siatic issues and numbness in my left leg... and burning sometimes in my left foot... The Dr. said he is 80-% sure I have MS. they have not touched me yet or done tests. getting apprehensive as I feel this is dragging on and I feel it is serious. I think maybe nerve damage on the S3 or S4 ... my L3 does not look good on an xray I had yesterday at the chiropractor... CT scan at the hospital shows no obstructions. good kidney function.

MS is certainly high on the list of things causing your inability to urinate. If you are caucasian (higher chance for this being MS), you need to be referred to a neurologist for further testing to figure out is this is the cause. Your urologist will also need to do a test called urodynamics, which is like an EKG for the bladder, to determine if the nerves or muscles to the bladder are not functioning, which would make MS very likely. There is not much else that would cause this problem other than a spinal cord injury due to nerve damage. This may need to be evaluated with an MRI. Hope this helps.
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