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I have some different colored spots on my penis. I would not

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I have some different colored spots on my penis. I would not necessarily call them bumps because they are not raised. They do not itch, nor hurt, nor do they have a any kind of liquid in them but they look horrible. I masterbated with with some vasoline and did not wash immediately afterwards. They appeared immediately afterwards and have not gone away. I have taken several showers since I noticed them and they have no went away. This has never happened before. So, I am very concerned. I will attach some pictures as well. You can only really see them in light.

I looked at all of your pictures

They appear to be sebaceous spots which probably developed as a consequence of pores becoming clogged with the vaseline. They are not an allergic reaction and they will eventually resolve as the vaseline works its way out of the pores. I would not do anything out of the ordinary (other than not masturbating with vaseline again). Just wash as usually with soap and water. I would expect that you'd see an improvement after 1-2 weeks- if not I would see your physician for a better look..

Hang in there and thank you for your question!
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