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My husband and has a burning bumpy rash on the SHAFT of his

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My husband and has a burning bumpy rash on the SHAFT of his penis that has been there 2 weeks now. 2 weeks ago I was giving him oral sex and I accidentally nicked him with my tooth (though neither of us knew that at the time)right after that we had intercourse. still not noticing that I had nicked him. The next day he noticed tenderness there and a mild rash, the next day, he had some pussy bumps that he popped, he had then started putting Triple antibiotic on it. A few days later it really started looking really rashy/blistery and extremely painful. Hurt him to walk, and his boxers were getting stuck to it (my husband has good hygiene) he was washing it regularly. I had an antibiotic from my dermatologist called doxycycline taking once a day...didn't help. Finally a on Thursday he was able to get in to see his Doctor, who examined him and told him immediately stop using the triple antibiotic because of the Neosporin in it. He ordered some blood test, one being Herpes select (which the Doctor didn't even mention to us that he was doing) we figure he is doing it to rule out that. The two of us are assuming the infection is happening because of my tooth bite. He also prescribed Cephalexin 2 times a day 500 mg ea. We hope it is not herpes or some other STD. We both have not stepped out of our marriage or our dating relationship which has been 3 years to date now; However, my ex-husband I believe was cheating on me. I had a few episodes of some "ulcer looking" places on my genital area around my vagina during my marriage to him, but my skin has a tendency for acne/cyst/boils, and I assumed it was because of that. I had my dermatologist test me after I was divorced from him. She scraped the area, but it fortunately it came back negative (though she wasn't sure how accurate the test was or if they had scraped enough for a sample to test) That was about a year ago. My husband has never had any symptoms of "herpes" or any other STD, and I haven't had any signs of the Ulcers/sores either in about a year. WE have not been unfaithful in our marriage or since the start of our relationship, and he had not had sex for many years before we got together.
That was on Thursday that we saw the Doctor. Today is Sunday and he is still very uncomfortable now he also is experiencing tenderness and swelling under his right armpit, some under left. Ibuprofin seems to help, but he's trying not to use it too much, taking it in the morning and in evening before bed. The Doctor had mention "lidocaine", he tried that and it set him on we didn't do that again! Even soaking in Epsom salt some as well, which helps for a bit. We are hoping for results from the test and trying not to worry. He's so ready to feel better and we are anxious to get back to our lives. Another question is that IF I were infected with the Herpes, whys it just now showing up in him? Especially since we regularly have sex 2 - 3 times a week. He is a 52 year old. One other thing to note is he had a Vasectomy about a year ago which has caused no issues. Any information of treatment is appreciated. Thanks
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
I cannot recommend any treatment as there is no way I can make a diagnosis without being able to examine him.
But if you can post a picture of this area, I can tell you whether this looks like herpes or not.
Many people are infected with the herpes virus but it can sometimes take years until you present with an outbreak on the skin.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your quick response. My husband is not comfortable with taking a picture of it. We will just wait until we can hear results on Tuesday. I had a feeling that you may want something like that.

Thanks anyway and especially for the quick response. If you don't mind can you tell us what the treatment for Herpes usually is and the medicine that he is taking now should that be effective on the Virus? We are both so embarrassed by this and hoping it's not an STD. More reason for me to be angry at my EX. My husband is a good upstanding man and I'm 99% positive that this came from me and my EX. Just surprising that it takes years sometimes even with being "sexually active" in our relationship. Can you tell us why his underarms are hurting? He said antiperspirant burned when he put it on.



I fully understand about the picture. He will just need to see his doctor.
The medicine he is taking will not treat herpes. He needs to take acyclovir to treat herpes.
His underarms may be hurting from enlarged lymph nodes for some reason. His doctor needs to examine him to determine why this may be.
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