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Male 56. Suddenly developed painful urination 2 days ago.

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Male 56. Suddenly developed painful urination 2 days ago. Walk in clinic gave me cipro and an anesthetic.Strip was positive...urine cloudy....culture pending. The day before I noticed my pants were wet after I urinated. That symptom persists while the pain is now gone 2 days later -I guess from Cipro
I'm guessing a weak stream or split stream and gravity taking the urine down to my shorts
Im dry between urinatons and no sudden urges or any other problem like frequent or unable to pass it
Prostate checked last April -fine
Im concerned over the wetness "below me" post urination (pulled down pants and floor mat)
My angst is driven by a friend who had painful surgery recently
My hope is that the wetness is FROM the UTI and will pass (vs a blockage causing the UTI) All this came on SUDDENLY AT ONCE
2 questions
Can the wet clothing around my leg and weaker stream be from the UTI itself and will pass?????????????
and if not...could it be easily treatable BPH and I can spare the facebook posted horrors of my friend about his surgery?
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I look forward to working with you.
Does the wetness in the pants on occur right after each time you urinate?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


and at no other time !

Pants are pulled down when I go!

Urine going downward

no weteness between urinations

This was not happening earlier this week

May have had 1 or 2 8 months ago (forgot about it) wetness episodes but no painful UTIs ! This was my first 48 hours ago

With the acute onset of this wetness, this is certainly not due to BPH. This is almost certainly due to an associated urinary tract infection.Urinary tract infections can lead to bladder spasms which can cause you to leak urine. This is probably what is going on in your case. Once the infection is treated completely, the bladder will calm down and the leakage will stop. This may take one to two weeks to clear up. Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

would bladder spasms happen during urination?

what about the wetness 8 mos ago? (did I have a mild UTI and not know it?

remmeber theres no leaking just wet after I pee

its like theres a split stream almost


I just peed

no split stream and just a little dribble at the end (unlike an hour ago and the wet pants around my legs)

you say...

bladder spasms can happen during and after urination. It is very possible that you have an infection eight months ago and did not know about it.
This leakage may also be due to postvoid dribbling which can happen in men as they get older due to urine that is trapped in the urethra. You need to make sure that you try to milk out all of the urine from the urethra by running your finger from the base of the penis near the scrotum to the end of the urethra after you urinate.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what would cause a sudden onset uti then in a male?


Can a GP with a finger stick up the butt.. tell right away if bph was there so as to rule it out?

(I see him Monday)

If you have any other wisdom let me know and thank you

this has been stressful

and I just noticed when I peed just now that urine went straight down my leg and scrotum again while I was in mid stream

The sudden onset of a urine infection in a male can be due to incomplete bladder emptying or prostatitis. It is possible that BPH could lead to incomplete bladder emptying. But if your urine is running down your leg during your stream, this indicates to me that you may have a problem with the flow of the current through the urethra and this could indicate scar tissue in the urethra called a stricture. When the urologist or your primary doctor does a rectal exam, this can help to determine if you have BPH or not, but the absence of an enlarged prostate on exam does not necessarily rule out the prostate as the problem. This is because the portion of the urine stream that the urine runs through is located in the central portion of the prostate that cannot be felt on exam and sometimes, the tissue is enlarged on the inner side of the prostate. Sometimes, we have to perform cystoscopy to look inside the urine channel to see if the prostate is enlarged.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The cystoscopy and or stricture scares me due to the pain

I think thats what my friend had and he said it was horrific

Can you put my mind at ease?


What scares me is all my life I masturbated doing something called traumatic masturbatory syndrome where I used a pillow rolled up and on my stomach

I am wondering if this caused the scar tssue

Cystoscopy is not painful. It is just a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes. But I think it may be necessary to figure out what is wrong.
This masturbation may have caused trauma to the urethra and may explain your symptoms.
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