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Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray MD, Physician / Family Practice
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My scrotum is a deep red / purple colour and warm to touch.

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My scrotum is a deep red / purple colour and warm to touch. I burnt my self on the sundbed the day before I noticed this and also had 2 minutes of unprotected oral sex a few days ago. I have suffered from jock itch a few weeks ago, this was on my inner thigh area, I treated this with over the counter cream and it work perfectly. I'm scared it could be an sti/d but no symptoms seem to match what I have.

You bring in a range if possible factored here... From your initial description of red warm scrotum--- this makes me think of epididymitis... This would be infection of the epididymis which caries sperm from testicles to prostate... This is often STD ( chlamydia and gonorrhea common) but also has possible non STD causes ( ureaplasma or E. coli) ...
So from this starting point I would advise that you see your doctor about the problem...
Is the scrutiny sore as well??
Your question implies sunburn as a possible cause as well. This I have never seen a case if but it would be simpler to treat...
Jock itch - no this would not cause such changes-- rash would be dry scaling--- now Candida's dermatitis could cause a lot of redness and irritation if the skin so this would would be possible...
You need to see a doctor ( primary care or urologist) ASAP and get the problem properly diagnosed and started on the appropriate treatment....
I hope this is hope that this is helpful for you! Let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to get back with you ! If my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be much appreciated! Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray MD
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