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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
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Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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I am one week shy of 50. I have normal to low blood

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I am one week shy of 50. I have normal to low blood pressure, 5'10"/175. No history of any diseases or allergies, and in pretty good shape. I am a non smoker and watch my diet closely. In the last few months I've notice that my Urine stream is not as strong (pressure) as it used to be. I don't get up in the middle of the night and the frequency has not increased. I am married and our sex life has not been effected in any way. No problems with erections or ejaculation. I did have a vasectomy at 42. When I do urinate, it is the same amount /frequency as it has always been but it just seems less forceful if that makes any sense.

Is this bothering you too much?

Do you have to strain to pass urine ?

Do you have to wait for some time before the urine flow starts?

Do you have constipation?

Any back problems ?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor, This does not bother me. No straining. No waiting, No constipation, No back problems. everything is normal except for reduced pressure. it comes out just fine just a bit less pressure that when i was younger

HI Miguel,

This may be a normal physiological change which comes with aging.

As the age advances the size of the prostate gland increases which can reduce the flow of the urine.This is very commonly seen in almost all the men after the age of 50.

So at present there is nothing to worry as the flow is still pretty good and is not bothering you.But if the flow becomes more weak over a period of time, you should see your doctor & get your prostate checked.If prostate is enlarged then medications can be taken to increase the flow.Medications are effective almost every time.

Infection can also reduce the flow, but there will other symptoms like frequency, burning and lower abdominal pain along with it.Since these symptoms are absent chances of infection are less.

I hope this answers your question.


Dr. Tharun and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, Thank you very much. It is kind of what I figured. I just wanted to get a professional opinion from a Urologist. Those questions you asked didn't even enter my mind so I'm glad I wrote in. I think I'll go ahead and see my doctor anyway now that I'm turning 50. That said, he is not a urologist and this is why I tremendously value your opinion.

I rate your service as 5 out of 5. Thank you again and Have a nice day.



PS. getting old is depressing!

Thanks.All the best and have a nice birthday.