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My mom had a uti but her dr. said they don't treat it if not

This answer was rated: mom had a uti but her dr. said they don't treat it if not causing symptoms, so it was left untreated and seems to have gone away...last week i noticed i had a uti and tested postive with a drugstore next dr. appt is june 20th, is it ok to leave it? or should i see if i can move appt up? my mom's dr. correct that a uti doesn't need to be treated? i read that should always be treated but her dr. said that is not the am i ok just leaving it?, is my mom's dr. correct or do i need it treated? should i do so as soon as possible or am i ok waiting until my 20th appt? thank you so much.

What is your mother's age and is she diabetic ?

What is your age and do you have any symptoms?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago. she is not and i don't think i am having symptoms, just notice it when in bathroom...some pain under ribs, but have fibromyalgia and that is common with it also...thank you...


I want to know her age and general health.

Can you give the above details please.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi. sorry for not getting back to you sooner...i decided to just see a dr. and she prescribed antibiotics so that should help...if you have a moment and reply, i will be checking back to the site later today and will close out this question then so you receive feedback and get paid for your time...thank you....


Whether to treat an UTI or not depends upon lot of factors.

Most of the time UTI have symptoms.This problem comes in older people in whom there could be evidence of infection in tests without an actual infection.So in older people there is no need to treat an positive urine test if there are no symptoms due to it.Older people can have pus cells in the urine normally.This is called pyuria of the aged.So doctors take a liberal view in such cases and leave it alone.

But that is not the case with young people.There has to be a reason for it in young people.So positive urine tests are not left alone in young people.They are treated and if it recurs further tests are done to look for a cause.

One more example is pregnancy.Many females have evidence of urine infection in tests without any symptoms during pregnancy.But this has to be strictly treated in all the cases without fail.Because lot of them turn into severe infection in short period.

So treating UTI takes age, sex, general health and various factors in to account before commencing.


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