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Dr. Tharun
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41 year old male with 4 year history of prostatitis. Had PSA

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41 year old male with 4 year history of prostatitis. Had PSA done last April it went from 3.9 to .7 in a year had biopsy two years ago which was negative but it was only 12 cores. Was doing well until a month ago when I had another flare up. Not sure if cancer was missed or extremely nervous as also have severe health anxiety can't eat all I can think about is cancer.

Do you have any history of prostate cancer in the family ?

Medications for the prostatitis?

What is finding on rectal examination of the prostate?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


No history of prostate cancer and dre was normal.. I currently take elmiron for ic which helped until recently I also just had laproscopic hernia repair and the dr said they felt a pop during catheterization and I could pee better than I had in years he said might have been a stricture?

HI Pat,

41 is too a young an age to get prostate cancer.It is a disease of aged usually after the age of 60 years.Unless you have a strong history of prostate cancer at young age in family members there is no indication to do a PSA test.

PSA test leads to lot of confusion and anxiety in young age and therefore not recommended at this early age.Presently PSA screening is also going out of practice due to high percent of over treatment being done for this very slow growing cancer which would not even affect the lifespan of the patient.

Your PSA might be raised due to the prostatitis and not cancer related.It quite surprising you underwent a biopsy for this.12 cores is the standard protocol and higher number of cores are rarely done.

I would recommend not doing the PSA anymore.You need not worry about cancer at least for another decade.

I hope this relieves your anxiety regarding the prostate cancer.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They say in the US that prostate cancer isn't just an older man's disease.


It is very rarely seen before the age of 50.Men with family members having prostate cancer at young age are at risk for this cancer so early.

So for all practical purposes you should be cancer free.Biopsy is negative which all the more confirms this.

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