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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
Satisfied Customers: 3682
Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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I had a massage session and resulted with ejaculation, I'm

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I had a massage session and resulted with ejaculation, I'm suffering from premature ejaculation and I'm afraid the situation is getting worse now, I'm planing to get married next year and don't want this to ruin my life, please help

Since when you have this problem?

How often you have this problem?

How long do you last during the intercourse?

Are you stressed these days ?

Any anxiety problems?

Are you on any regular medications?

Have you tried any medications for this condition?

How good are your erections - normal or weak?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

1) Since I was teenager

2) All the time,

3) 35-45 seconds

4) I don't feel like stressed these days,

5) Maybe anxiety but minor one, and I feel its much better now,

6) No, I only take supplements such as multi vitamins, high protein shakes because I exercise on daily basis

7) I tried anesthesia spray but didn't like it because I don't feel any pleasure.

8) My erection is normal,


Hello Ali,

If the erections are fine, then there is nothing structural to correct.The hardware is functioning well.

Brain is the place where various erotic stimuli converge and culminate in the orgasm and ejaculation.Serotonin plays an important role in this whole process.Any imbalance in this process and serotonin could shift the balance to the premature ejaculation.

So the treatment lies in either delaying the stimulus from reaching the brain or altering the serotonin levels.

Delaying the stimuli can be done with condoms, anesthesia sprays and squeeze technique.Squeeze technique is a process where the partner stimulates the penis till the point of ejaculation when the stimulation is stopped and head of the penis is squeezed which inhibits the ejaculation.Repeating this process again and again helps to gain better control over ejaculation and will help you last longer.

Altering the serotonin levels can be done with medications.The most widely used drug is Dapoxetine.It is given 30 mg before the intercourse( 2 hour prior) and supposed to increase the ejaculation period considerably.There is another drug used for the purpose - paroxetine but less popular than dapoxetine.

You should see your doctor and get yourself prescribed this medication.This is an on demand medication and need not be taken regularly.Only the days when you intend to have intercourse.
Slowly this drug can be weaned off too as you gain more confidence.

I hope this helps you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a lot Dr.Tharun, I would prefer the second treatment which is altering the serotonin levels, however I wonder if the medication has any side affects, does it lead to any kind of addiction? which doctor can help me urology or psychiatry,

Do I have to do any semen test (Bacteria), in other words does the prostatitis cause PE,

Thanks and



Dapoxetine is a on demand drug hence decreasing the chances of side effects to minimal.Addiction chances are really less as it is not taken regularly.

The so called withdrawal syndrome is very rarely seen in patients taking dapoxetine and should not be a deterrent for its use.

Prostatitis as a cause of PE is not significant.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doc,

Just one last question, Should I consult urologist or psychiatrist?

Regards and



You should be seeing an urologist.

Dr. Tharun and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you

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