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my mom had her blood work done for an annual physical and the

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my mom had her blood work done for an annual physical and the results came out perfect, except for her urine test. There was a very small amount of blood and a trace amount of proteins found. She is 62 years old and her only symptom was some fatigue. he's due to see a urologist for further testing, but what could be the causes? Anything bad?

Is she diabetic ?

Does she smoke ?

Is she hypertensive ?

Family history of kidney cancers ?

Previous kidney stones?

Any other medical illness?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She sometimes has slightly high blood pressure and takes a beta blocker for that. None of the above for the rest. She has plantar fascitis, but other than that she's healthy. There's been a good amount of stress the past year and she said she hasn't been drinking much water lately.

First of all the test has to be repeated to know whether it is a persistent finding or not.Very small amount of blood and trace proteins be very well be incidental and may not be seen in further tests.

Some times it could be a transient finding which resolves of its own.Only if it persists in repeated tests, we have to investigate it further.This includes scan of the kidneys, 24 hour urine test and kidney biopsy if required.

Usually hypertensive and diabetic patients have kidney damage over a period of time which causes the kidney to leak proteins and blood.This is seen in urine tests.There is no specific treatment for this other than regular follow up with your doctor, healthy life style and blood tests.

Other causes of the blood in the urine could be stones, infection and cancer.These conditions can be diagnosed with scans and urine tests.

Only if there is a cause like stone, cancer or a mass which is causing the blood , urologist will be involved in the treatment.Otherwise nephrologist will taking care of her.

I hope this answers your question.


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