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What, if anything, can a Cystoscopy show that video

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What, if anything, can a Cystoscopy show that video urodynamcis cannot? Video urodynamic studies combine the use of real-time x-rays, or fluoroscopy, with cystometry and pressure-flow studies. Thank you.
These are entirely different diagnostic methods intended for different indications.
Video Uro dynamics is exclusively done for bladder outlet obstruction when there is doubt regarding bladder neck dyssynergia Vs sphincter dyssynergia .
Cystoscopy is entirely different procedure where bladder and urethra are seen and any abnormalities noted. Any lesions or mass and obstruction can be diagnosed as well as corrected at the same time.
So it is diagnostic as well as therapeutic.
Also there is no radiation hazard in cystoscopy.
So to sum up, these are two different procedures and have their own importance in their fields.
I hope this answers your question.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My understanding of videourodynamics is done primarily to determine whether the source of urinary retention is due to an obstruction or just an hypocontractile bladder, and if the BOOI shows obstruction, contrast screening during the voiding phase of videourodynamics allows the bladder outlet and urethra to be assessed and the test can determine the location/level/position of the obstruction; e.g., bladder neck vs. prostate.
Since my urodynamics study showed low pressure, low flow the BOOI showed no obstruction. In such case, is a cystoscopy still needed? No doctor has recommended such, but I have an appointment with a urologist Thursday morning and if she recommend this I want to determine if it is really necessary given the results of my urodynamic testing.
Detrusor sphincter dyssynergia occurs when there is a detrusor contraction concurrent with an involuntary contraction of the urethral and/or periurethral striated muscle. This may prevent expulsion of urine in occasional circumstances. The condition tends to occur in patients with a supra-sacral neurological lesion.
You are exactly right about the video Uro dynamics , it is most helpful to decide the level of obstruction if there is obstruction on Urodynamics.
If it is proven that there is no obstruction, then there is no indication to do a cystoscopy unless there are separate indications like blood in urine or mass in bladdee etc.
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