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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
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Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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I have been experiencing some ED with my wife. I am 43, a

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I have been experiencing some ED with my wife. I am 43, a little overweight but workout, etc. I am on hbp meds lizn/hctz 20/25 for a couple of years. There are issues with the sexual part of our relationship in general. I do have morning erections that I notice from time to time bit not always, have been able to get an erection to masturbate. I am a "thinker" and am worried about it all. LOL The last couple of weeks I have had soft erections masturbating BUT it has all been on my mind. BP is regulalry 120/80 or so, resting heart rate upper 50's to 60's, blood ox @ 7400 feet where I live 96/97%. I know I know, I'm a thinker. would that indicate my problem is in my head or could it also be physical?? I know this site is no replacement for seeing a doc, but just figured I would ask to help my mind!
Do you smoke ?
Are you diabetic ?
Do you have the sexual desire ?
Have you tried any medications?
Any bending of the penis you have noticed?
Any hard tissue in the penis ?
Please let me know
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Cigars from time to time but not cigarrettes.

I am not diabetic and have never had symptoms.

I defintiely have sexual desires...

I have not tried meds.

No hard tissue in the penis but not sure what you mean by bending?

HI Allen,
Penis can bend to one side sometimes.If it happens I am sure you would have noticed it.So I assume it to be absent.
Coming to your erectile problem, there could be multiple reasons for it.First of all the medication can cause some degree of erectile dysfunction,in fact all blood pressure lowering medications can cause these problems.
Second is smoking which is known risk factor for erection trouble.
Narrowing of blood vessels can also cause these problems, but is an old age problem which you shouldn't experience.But you should be checked for that.Blood cholesterol and cardiac test will rule out this problem.
Low testosterone level is another cause which can produce such problems, but there will be associated lack of sexual desire and lethargy etc.
If these conditions are ruled out , then you can try some medications like cialis or levitra which are makes the erection better.These medications are to be taken after seeing your doctor.
For the time being , you have do some blood tests and talk to your doctor regarding change of blood pressure medications.If medication is the cause, stopping it or replacing it will correct the problem.Stop smoking and try to reduce the excess weight.
I hope this helps you.
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