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My wife and I were playing Doctor / patient. A home made

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My wife and I were playing Doctor / patient. A home made catheter was inserted into my urethra to the prostate several times and then finally on through the prostate. After so much practice it felt great and we both really enjoyed doing it. However, coming back out a 3 inch long piece of soft rubber tubing did not come back through the prostate. It is still in there. I can feel it move to the prostate when I urinate and then slowly move back to the bladder after. We have tried to retrieve it several times without success. Home made tools only and running out of ideas. To this date it has been there for over a month. I keep hoping to pass it when I urinate, but it just won't come through the prostate. The exciting pleasureable feelings have now turned to feelings not so nice. I feel the urge to go to often,probably because it is bumping against the prostate. When I build up internal gas, I really feel the urge to go. It must come out, I want it out and she can play another role, just not doctor.
Will it eventually pass through the prostate on it's own or are more drastic measures to be taken. If I just had the proper tool/equipment, I could do it. It no longer bothers me to insert the urethra to the bladder, as we have done it many times over a lengthy period of time.
Thank You, ***** ***** for your expert opinion.
Thanks for your question. If I don't respond to you immediately, it is because I am busy with a patient. I WILL get back to you ASAP.
If a piece of the catheter stuck in your urethra or the prostate, you definitely cannot remove this on your own. You need to see a urologist and they need to do cystoscopy to look in the urethra with a small camera to remove it with microscopic grasping forceps. Anything you do to try to remove this will likely damage your urethra. This piece of catheter left in there can eventually cause chronic infections as well as stones in the urethra. Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can and will you do this for me. I need to know how to make an appointment with a urologist without going through a process of referral and waiting time. I am in Alberta, Canada and my family doctor is in Saskatchewan. Another province. I am working in Alberta and don't expect to be home until mid May. Can I wait this long. I don't believe so as some days it seems to bump up against the prostate and I immediately have to urinate. Very little amount sometimes as I may have just gone to the bathroom, but the urgency to go again is very demanding.

Why won't the prostate let it go through? When I pee, I can feel it slip right up to the prostate and I always have hope that it will continue on through but to no avail.

I don't feel it will take a great deal of assistance to come through as it did go in quite easily. Would this be a fair assumption. However, I agree professional help is required.

Thank You for elaborating and giving more information.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to help you get an appointment with a urologist directly as I am in the USA. Here in the states, you can just call an make an appointment directly.
You cannot wait until May to get this out. By then, you will have developed bacteria all over this foreign body and it will lead to severe UTIs. It can also develop large stones on it which can require more major (and possibly open) surgery to get it out. It is not going to come out on its own because of the curves in the urethra. Just because it went it easily does not mean it will come out easily.
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