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I'm an athlete and when I run sprints I have terrible

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I'm an athlete and when I run sprints I have terrible bladder incontinence. Also happens when I sneeze, cough unexpectedly etc. Urgh! Kegel exercises don't work and I've heard nightmare stories about some of the surgical solutions. What is the best solution these days? (Diapers would not count) :) Thanks!
Although its not overactive bladder one of the more mild bladder meds like Toviaz may help and I have used in patients before surgery.
The other option which work pretty well and very noninvasive is a pessary. Bladder studies can be done but sounds like pure stress incontinence. This may be due to uterine prolapse which is helped with the pessary inserted vaginally (looks like a big diaphragm) and lifts the uterus up to take pressure off the bladder. I would see a urologist although a gynecologist can insert one and change every 3-4 months to clean. This you can do on your own but most of my patients have me do it. Simple soap and water.
Good luck
Fellow runner
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you! Good information and I'm headed to a urologist! Thanks again!