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Im just back from a trip to texas. On this trip I had a

Resolved Question:

Hi Im just back from a trip to texas. On this trip I had a sexual encounter with a texan female. During this encounter the extra safe condom i was wearing ripped while in this womans vagina and I ejaculated without knowing. She told me afterwards that I need not worry as she claimed to have a clean bill of health. at the time I was satisfied as I had been recently checked myself and always practice safe sex. I am very worried now because she informed me that she has heart trouble, a shoulder mescle injury, and is taking medication for a nasal infections. I am worried that she may have hiv/aids as on research i found these are symptons. She also has quite a number of tatoo's. I am going to get a hiv test in approximatley 3 months(recommended) and will abstain until then but my question how easy is it for a woman to give men aids, as I would feel extreemley unlucky as condoms should not rip, please advise???
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  DrKnowsBest replied 5 years ago.
Less likely for men to get from women. Even an infected woman unlikely to spread to a male sexual encounter. The symptoms she has are very common and are not likely either to be related to HIV. 6 months after the encounter is the best time for an HIV test but as of now you can do a hepatitis panel to rule out hepatitis (more a problem with tattooing but again rarely). We also still standardly test for syphilis with an rpr test since this is still an active infection.
For now try not to worry as the odds are very low and most likely she is not even infected
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