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I'm 24 year old women with severe incontinence, both urge

Resolved Question:

I'm 24 year old women with severe incontinence, both urge and stress incontinence. I also need to go to the toilet at least 3 to 4 times a night regardless of how much To drink I've had. I gave to change my underwear quite alot throughout the day and have even had to leave work to change. I've never had children, what could be the cause of this? I've been checked for diabetes, std's, kidney blood test, pelvic floor examination etc which have all come back clear. My urinalysis test showed alot of protein in my urine and they are repeated the test to double check. My two questions are what could be causing my incontinence and what are the reasons for protein in urine? Thanks
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  DrKnowsBest replied 5 years ago.
Protein In a small amt on the urine can be from exercise, a long time on your feet, etc
Your kidneys should filter out protein a 24 hr urine will probably be done to quantify the amount and measure your kidney function more accurately than can be done with blood work.
As for the incontinence at your age this is unusual. Have you seen a neurologist to rule out nerve causes. This can range from ms to a problem in the back that compromises the control of the bladder.
Overactive bladder medications usually help somewhat with the symptoms. Things like detrol and enablex.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** from a nerve issue or back problem, would there be any other symptoms to look out for? What tests could show this? And are this issues serious or can they be fixed? I do also have a problem with walking, which has never been investigated. I can't walk for longer than 5 minutes without having to stop as I get a lot of leg pain, And start limping. could this be related? I've had this since I was a child and at the time doctors thought it was growing pains.
Expert:  DrKnowsBest replied 5 years ago.
Bladder studies sometimes can show the leftover volume and spasm strength of the ladder. This is done with a urologist. These however may be normal. Standardly an MRI of the lumbosacral spine and the brain. The limping most definitely be related. You need an MRI. As for the leg pain a neurology Eval to see if the source of pain is the back this is done with an emg.
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