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My mother has been suffering from recurring kidney

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My mother has been suffering from recurring kidney infections that cause her to be extremely weak, nauseated and dizzy. On of the episodes she became septic and had kidney failure. The only antibiotic that she has responded to is rocephin which they have been giving via IV. She is back in the hospital now with another infection. She made it about a week after having 2 weeks of IV antibiotic before the infection flared up again.
Each time she gets a little weaker and never seems to get completely back on her feet before another episode occurs.
Her Dr. thinks that there may be a pocket of infection that they have not been able to get healed up. If that is the case how would they get it healed? And are there other things that might be causing this. She is 76 and is diabetic and has CHF. Before this started she was fairly active for her age and even worked a couple of days a week. She is becoming quite frustrated and depressed because she is not getting any better. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hello customer-

a kidney ultrasound and bladder ultrasound would be useful if not already done. Also a prophylactic once a day antibiotic is usually given to prevent recurrence in the elderly with frequent urine tract infections.

if the above are normal some "housecleaning issues"-always wipe front to back, can use a 1:1 mix water with tea tree oil as an antibacterial at night before bed. Drink plenty of water in a day (although discuss any limitations with her doctors due to the history of chf), start a cranberry extract supplement as well daily.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

She was on Bractrium that she started last week that was supposed to be prophylactic. She made it less than a week before she had another episode.

I'm not sure on the ultrasound. I know they have done CT scan and are about to do some kind of x-ray. The urologist says he can see something in her kidney but doesn't know what it is. Her primary Dr. thinks there may be some kind of abscess. I just want them to figure it out:)

I'm assuming that you mean the tea tree oil to be used to clean her self. Is that correct?

about the tea tree oil a ct with contrast could identify a kidney abscess but less likelyIt is possible to get Bactriim resistant infection and since rocephin works a antibiotic in that class like ceftin or Omnicefl once a day may be betterIf she has bladder prolapse this can put her at higher risk as well
Perhaps a second opinion from infectious disease if it appears to be a kidney abscess
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

They have already determined she doesn't have bladder prolapse. And she is not retaining urine after she goes. Has had the CT with contrast.

Hadn't thought of the infectious disease but will talk to her Dr. about that.

If you have a systemic fungal infection can it lead to bacterial infections?

Not usually directly but any chronic infectious process can fatigue the immune system to allow something else like a bacteria to take hold so in that way indirectly could make her at more risk
This is where ID would be best
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