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Herpes Type 2 Results 11/2 HERPES AB type 2 IGG 0.02 12/23

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Herpes Type 2
Results 11/2 HERPES AB type 2 IGG 0.02
12/23 3.5
Results HSV IGM AB screen
11/2 not dedected
12/23 5.43
Do these results show an initial infection to the exclusion of a recurrence ?. Or could the serology results indicate a recurrence of Herpes which the person may have had for years.
Would the type 2 IGG decline to 0.02 over a period of dormancy of some years ?.
Although igG can decline in some most do not go this low. Most people means not all so cannot rule out recurrence. However more likely this is a new infection since igM neg initially and positive on second draw. This is not a very specific test,. Titers can overlap with hsv1 and 2., along with other immune responses.
The timing with conversion to igG after 6 weeks or so is most likely new infection though.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If the person (female) had unnoticed episodes of herpes 2 which may have manifested as dysuria, painful labial mucosa after sex, and disregarded as nothing serious,on several occasions, would the IGG2 titer have been at 0.02 when tested after a major outbreak or would it have been elevated? The IGG2 titer rose to 3.5 after a period of 6 weeks from 0.02. Is this major outbreak a new infection or a recurrence of a longstanding herpes infection.

if too soon then yes-within 6 weeks of contact igG could still be negative

usually a recurrence has a low but not that low igG, increased igm and then close to back to baseline (original) igG after 6 weeks

USUALLY, again this is more likely a new infection

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