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I have a pain in my back, right hand side, above kidney. It

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I have a pain in my back, right hand side, above kidney. It is a spasmodic pain every 8 seconds and has been going on now for 7 hours. heat pack hasn't helped neither has panadol. Any suggestions?

How is urine? Can you elaborate the precise site of pain, any radiation to other place & if so, where? Are there other related symptoms? Is there any significant past illness?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I ccan't accurately pinpoint the area, anatomically speaking. Draw a line from neck to base and then accross middle and the pain would be in the upper right quarter just to right of middle. The pain is localised in that area. Urine OK, a little nauseous. No history. It is not muscular. neck




Thank you for the input.

Your symptoms of frequent pain every few seconds in left side of the back suggests an ureteric colic or infection in the urinary tract. As you say above the kidney area, it can be a pinched nerve too. Nausea can be present with severe pain. You should have an examination by doctor & an urine analysis for routine and culture sensitivity. Sonography/ scan can be required. Taking plenty of fluid which can help to flush out the urinary system. As the pain is severe, Tylenol and heat do not help, you have to go to hospital to investigate and start precise treatment.

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